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Living With Anxiety ~ Ayla's Antics

Living With Anxiety | Lisa Almand Consulting | Wellington

Ayla is our beloved 12-year-old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

Ayla is loving, kind, patient, very tolerant, and is always excited to see us and be a part of the family. 

Ayla dislikes change and being separated from us.  She hates closed doors, being contained, the curtains moving, the sound of the wind in the trees, she jumps at loud noises and sudden movement.  She freaks out at having her nails clipped. She hates the Christmas tree and boxes in the lounge.  Ayla has anxiety.

What are her common expressions?

She will puff out her chest and let the wind know she’s up for a fight.  She will put huge energy into getting out of being held for nail clipping.  She will run outside when she sees the grooming brush come out.  She will wee in her bedding with fear or at the doors of our house when we leave the house.  All signs of flight/fight/freeze. 

Yelling and losing patience with her makes the situation worse, punishing won’t change the behaviour.  Ayla needs to know she is ok and that we will continue to love her.  She has taught me a lot about anxiety from a practical and loving point of view.

Animals have a lot to teach us...

I will have Ayla’s Antics help my blogs through our experiences to raise a point, educate and help you manage your emotional responses. 

Animals are fast becoming more involved with people needing help and emotional support.  They have a lot to teach us and can very often provide the answers! 

I hope you get to enjoy Ayla as she is presented in my blogs.